Lectures on Tung's Acupuncture: Therapeutic System


by Dr. Wei-Chieh Young
8″ x 11.5″  265 pages

This is Dr. Young’s newest book; it was translated from transcripts of his seminars. 

The book explains the theoretical foundations of Master Tung’s acupuncture, including a comparison of Tung’s extraordinary points and the points of the fourteen channels. Important theoretical principles such as Zang Fu Bei Tung (the extraordinary connections of the zangfu), Ti Ying Zhen Fa (application of holographic acupuncture technique for different parts of the body), Taiji Holography and Correspondence, and the Method of Selecting Five Shu Points of the Same Five-element Category have their own chapters. 

After the theoretical introduction, the book is organized according to disorders, with thorough information and analysis on the point combinations that treat specific diseases. More than 150 disorders are listed (classified by western medical diagnosis, i.e. headache, sciatica, psioriasis). This book is an excellent resource for understanding Master Tung’s theory and finding point combinations that are immediately useful in the clinic.

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