The Ancient Art of Cupping


 by Susan Johnson, L.Ac.
Eight discs; 7.5 hours

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The DVD series includes:

  • Full-length video demonstrations with clear explanations of the cupping process.
  • Lectures—illustrated with video footage of cupping offering hundreds of minute details and experiential gems from Susan’s extensive experience as an acupuncturist.
  • Precise instruction in when, where, how, and why to use cupping, and the various cupping styles (plastic pump up, glass flame, running/pulling, and bamboo).
  • Printable versions of ten different cupping patterns for treating a wide range of structural issues.
  • Printable full-color brochure for patients, with answers to questions like: “What Is Cupping?,” “Why Choose Cupping?,” and “Is Cupping Painful?,” along with instructions for aftercare; includes color photos to illustrate cupping marks as they change color over a 7-day period.
  • User-friendly navigation, with detailed markers for finding and viewing specific video clips.

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