Tung’s Points Supervision and Practicum


Location: San Jose, California
Dates: December 9-10th, 2017
Sponsor: Acupuncture Association of America
Phone: (831) 476-4648
Email: movingclouds22@gmail.com
Website: http://www.tungspoints.com

In supervision class you will learn how to find the exact point location, first through the body’s landmarks and then through concise palpation. The best points, faultlessly needled, should have a tangible effect within moments of their application. This is what you will learn to expect from properly needling Tung’s points. Susan and her carefully chosen supervisors will help you to recognize what might be an incorrect needling of Master Tung’s Points and give you the understanding you need to perfect your point location and needling techniques. In the Supervision class, you will learn how to perfectly execute the most commonly used points in this extraordinary system of acupuncture. Whether you have been practicing for decades or perhaps only months, you will benefit from Susan’s careful guidance and personal attention to detail, as she critiques the needling experience of her students, on different body shapes and sizes.


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